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Nursel Kale Communication &Strategic Designer

Hello and welcome to my portfolio ● I love to explore different styles and techniques to bring out the best in every project ● Take a look at some of my Work below, read more about me and my projects and feel free to get in Touch with me ●

Selected Work Selected Work

Selected Work Selected Work

Decision Making: An Introduction
A guide to effective decision making in an uncertain environment.

The Masterthesis designs a practical approach to decision making in complex situations under uncertainty. Decision makers and teams are provided with a foundational mindset that uses established methodological approaches and reframes them through combination and flexible application.

A data network for humanitarian aid organizations.

Communication and networking among humanitarian aid workers and across different departments is an essential element of successful missions. However, it is usually the small details such as documentation that cause problems. Patients are often unable to identify themselves, existing data is recorded manually and then digitized at great expense, and units in the field are only rudimentarily connected with each other. graphite mitigates this problem by linking the emergency units with each other and optimizes the communication among them as well as across departments.

Transforming data into safety in micromobility.

Potholes, lanes that are too narrow and unprotected, inadequate signage, and incomplete cycle path networks: The infrastructure of German cities does not meet the requirements of bicycles, pedelecs and e-scooters. In the future, sustainable micromobility vehicles are intended to close the vehicle chain for short distances. But how can these forms of mobility achieve a breakthrough if the infrastructure does not permit safe journeys?

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