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Aergo is an application that supports professional pilots in their daily work during all flight phases ● Through a dynamically interactive medium, safety is to be increased and the stress factor in the cockpit minimized ●
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The job of a pilot is one of the most stressful professions, demands the highest level of attention and offers a low tolerance for error. All decisions made in the cockpit have a direct impact on flight operations and therefore on all occupants. Aergo is designed to support pilots during all phases of their work, in flight planning and preparation, during the flight and in its post-processing, through optimal integration into the daily work routine.

The user guidance of the application is based on the pilot's work process: First, the individual briefing packages can be called up in a calendar view ● The visual preparation of the information relevant for the flight, enables the pilots to perform a pleasant and efficient flight preparation ● Afterwards, they can start a flight plan-based navigation, which is designed to provide a structured process through a dynamic map, an integrated route display and data about the flight ●

To reduce the abundance of information, the appropriate tools and necessary information are only displayed when they are needed. This leads to a direct reduction of complexity, enables a pleasant, stress-reduced workflow and efficient flight planning. The medium is thus optimally integrated into the workflow and considered part of the cockpit, making the human-machine interface simple and understandable. Aergo is thus intended to contribute to the safe, economical and ecological design of aviation through active integration and assistance in the cockpit.

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